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Bolaven Plateau, Laos – Sekong to Pakse

I woke up early morning and left Sekong pretty fast – as there is not much to see here. You can see my very cheap (and a bit run down) guest house on the photos – it doesn’t mean, however, that there were no other hotels around – quite the opposite, there is a large choice for such a remote town. The way back to Pakse was surprisingly smooth – just few kilometres were not paved. I have made a stop to see the main attraction and my purpose of this trip – breathtaking Nam Tok Katamtok waterfall. It is very easy to pass by without noticing it, the only sign pointing to its location is very small and barely visible. I am not sure if it is possible to come any closer to the waterfall itself – probably not – and I would never try just going there through the forest on my own, as it could be tragic if there were any UXOs (unexploded ordnances) left from the Indochina war.

On the way to Pakse I stopped by few coffee plantations and some other waterfalls – Tat Cham Pee and Tat E-Tu. My return to Pakse was delayed some good two hours, as it started to rain heavily while I was at one of those waterfalls – and it just wouldn’t stop for the entire two hours.

Next day morning I valiantly climbed the stairs of the neighbouring hill, where a large Buddha statue is located, together with a viewpoint. I took photos of Pakse from the other side of the Mekong river and continued my journey to the southernmost part of Laos – Si Phan Don (Four Thousand Islands).

From Sekong (A) to Pakse (B)