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Doi Ang Khang – Nor Lae village

My last post about Doi Ang Khang is dedicated to Nor Lae village, located at the border with Burma (Myanmar). The road to the village is rather steep (going up and down…). There is a small army base with a viewpoint in the village. The viewpoint allows us to see the beautiful mountainous scenery, as well as Burmese military outposts. Locals sell hand-made products, kids sometimes pose for photos. There is another quite dangerous road going along the border – you should ask soldiers for permission before using it.

Nor Lae village is only few kilometres apart from Doi Ang Khang Royal Project. In the surroundings of the Project there is also a “hidden” Ang Khang pagoda – there are no signs pointing you there, but if you only take a small side-way road out of curiosity, you can find it pretty quickly.

So we finish our journey in the coldest place in Thailand, we ride down the same most dangerous road in the country in the direction of the next mountain – Doi Phahompok. For some time Doi Ang Khang is included now as a part of Doi Phahompok National Park. We move on to see that “mountain with a flat summit”. I will describe it in the next post.

One last thing to keep in mind (same as with the other Doi Ang Khang posts) – the photos in the gallery come from all three different trips to Doi Ang Khang. Some of them were taken with my previous camera (non-SLR).

Surroundings of Doi Ang Khang (A – army base and camp ground, B – Royal Agricultural Station, C – Nor Lae village at the border with Burma/Myanmar)