Sathorn Unique - Ghost Building, Bangkok, Thailand - Sathorn Unique - Nawiedzony Budynek, Bangkok, Tajlandia

Sathorn Unique – Ghost Building

Sathorn Unique Tower is an unfinished skyscraper in Bangkok. Planned as a luxury condominium, its construction was halted during Asian financial crisis in 1997 (the construction started in 1990). Finished in about 80%, the building remains one of the most prominent of the derelict buildings in Bangkok.

Officially the tower is off-limits to the public, but many made their way inside by bribing security guards. I avoided that, but that’s my sweet little secret.

Couple of times dead bodies were found inside the building. Official cause of death in every case was determined to be a suicide.

The building is believed to be haunted, as the land upon which it sits is probably a former graveyard. Others believe the location of the building, whose shadow is cast upon the neighbouring Wat Yan Nawa, to be inauspicious, resulting in its failed completion.

At the moment, according to the locals, it’s not possible to enter higher parts of the building, as the owner has blocked the way to the upper floors.

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