Doi Mae Salong, Chiang Rai province, Thailand - Doi Mae Salong, prowincja Chiang Rai, Tajlandia

Doi Mae Salong

Doi Mae Salong (Thai: ดอยแม่สลอง) is a place with a very interesting history. It

Tha Ton village

After scoring a beautiful sunrise at Thailand’s second highest mountain (Doi Phahompok), I continued

Doi Phahompok, Chiang Mai province, Thailand

Doi Phahompok – The mountain top

Doi Phahompok (Thai: อุทยานแห่งชาติดอยผ้าห่มปก) is the second highest mountain in Thailand (2,285 MSL) located

Si Phan Don (Four Thousand Islands), Laos

Finally I have arrived at Don Det, one of many islands making up the Si Phan Don (Four Thousand Islands) archipelago on the Mekong river. Si Phan Don is located on the southernmost of Laos, next to the Cambodian border. It is extremely laid back place - you can easily relax yourself in the … Continue Reading ››

Bolaven Plateau, Laos – Sekong to Pakse

I woke up early morning and left Sekong pretty fast - as there is not much to see here. You can see my very cheap (and a bit run down) guest house on the photos - it doesn't mean, however, that there were no other hotels around - quite the opposite, there is … Continue Reading ››

Bolaven Plateau, Laos – Pakse to Sekong

Bolaven Plateau is famous for its dramatic waterfalls, fertile soil, high-grade coffee plantations and its own micro climate. It is noticeably cooler than in neighbouring Pakse. Similar to Tha Khaek, there is also a "loop" available for adventurous tourists. It takes more time though (6 days which I didn't have). But I really wanted … Continue Reading ››

Tha Khaek Loop, Laos – Day 4

The last day of my stay in Tha Khaek I have spent on seeing those things that I have skipped on the third day - namely the Khoun Kong Leng lake ('Evening Gong Lake') and one, not too fancy temple. Khoun Kong Leng lake is located on the southern edge of Phu Hin … Continue Reading ››

Tha Khaek Loop, Laos – Day 3

Imagine a river disappearing inside a monolithic limestone mountain  and running 7 km through pitch-black, winding cave -  and you have a glimpse of what Kong Lo cave is (sometimes spelled as Kong Lor), truly one of the natural wonders of Laos. This cave-cum-tunnel is quite impressive - up to 100 m wide … Continue Reading ››

Tha Khaek Loop, Laos – Day 2

Ban Oudomsouk is rather large village located in not so high mountains of the Loop. Upon arrival I was welcomed with a nice, fresh and cool air. I stopped at one of the two (only two!) available guest houses, which was run by a German guy with his local wife. The guest house was in … Continue Reading ››